Tune Talk Tone Excell

Tune Talk Tone Excell


You do expect him/her to be yours. Anything you do, you want to let him/her knows and you’ll try your best for not hurting his/her feeling. You’ll always think about him/her. (In other words: LOVE goes to someone that you always remember and dream. Without him/her, you will feel lonely and you will always love him/her for the whole life even though he/she never noticing it)


You need him/her only when you need someone to share your secrets and your stories. Normally he/she will be the EARS to your problems. (In other words: AFFECTION goes to someone who can waste his/her times by listening to your problems and you don’t really care about his/her feeling since you do not love him/her that much)

LIKE (Suka)

You like him/her because he/she is funny. He/She was happy-go-lucky. Spending time with him/her will make you happy all the times. But, you not really miss his/her absence although you haven’t met him/her for a week. (In other words: LIKE goes to someone who can be a comedian to you. You'll tell him/her to shut up when you feel enough with it)


There is something interesting about him/her which attracted you to it. (In other words: INTEREST goes to someone’s characters, personalities or belongings that you need or you want)

But we must remember, without interests, likes and affections, there is no LOVE….

Someone's reminder for me and also for you:

“May all of us live to learn and to love, learn to live and to love, and love to live and to learn…..Happy living, learning and loving”

it's universal. it's complicated
it's a beautiful feelings which sometimes can turn to something unexpected
for me it can be "the silence killer"
love can make u forget all the pain. love can make u gone crazy.

the one who broke your heart,is the only one who can fix it
agree with me?
fighting and fighting
for me it's a normal things happen when u learn to know each other
the abnormal is
how u faced it.how u solve the situation.
keep ur patient.keep ur faith.
everything gonna be alrite.

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