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Tune Talk Tone Excell

Jurulatih Kelantan B. Sathianathan digantung 6 bulan!

FORMER national coach and Kelantan Coach B.Sathianathan has been suspended for six months for making a statement in the papers about a particular match.

This morning Sathia was informed by KAFA about the decision made by the FAM Displinary Committee, indeed Sathia is very unhappy and devastated on the decision made.

"Today we have an important match and I was informed by FAM that I been suspended for six months, this is very unfair, if they wanted to suspend me they could have waited for Malaysia Cup to end." said the former national coach.

It is learnt that KAFA President Tan Sri Annuar Musa will make an official protest against this decision that is deemed to be utterly unfair.

Source :: Kelab Penyokong Siber Bola Sepak Kelantan

p/s : Jangan terkejut kalau ada insiden menakutkan berlaku mlm nie masa lwan dgn kedah.. FAM buat hal masa time2 gini pulak..